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 Our Heritage


The house of Prem Sweets represents the distillation of knowledge that started when our mentor Pandit Lok Nath Khajuria founded the house of Prem Sweets in 1925.His undying belief in the crucial use of locally- produced pure desi ghee and other ingredients, tempered and cooked with utmost care, continues to guide us this day. We’re honoured by your trust and every piece of sweet you hold in your hands has been meticulously hand-crafted with humility, love and honesty.


The magic of Kud


Kud, a quiet little village nestled in the hills of Patnitop is about 96 kms north of Jammu. It was established in the nineteen century as an old town square surrounded by quaint shops. The village has no traffic signal and less than 1,140 residents. 

The oldest Prem sweets industry in India is still located on the edge of Kud. The technique of making patisa in a kadai has been perfectly passed on to the next generations. And while the Patisa may be the main attraction here, you don’t want to miss other local favorites like Kalari which is a kind of cheese. If you want to explore all the sights in Kud, take your time. There’s plenty to see.

Patisa, Our Parampara


The crisp and flaky, soaked-in-ghee and freshly made patisa is our legacy. Made with a delicious hand crafted combination of besan, sugar and pure desi ghee. Served with a smile and greetings. A traditional sweet that’s associated with all Indian festivals and festivities.

Do come hungry when you visit the humble house of Prem Sweets.

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